Module btl.string

Mutable @nogc @safe string struct using std.experimental.allocator for allocations.


BasicString The BasicString is the generalization of struct string for character of type char, wchar or dchar.

Manifest constants

isBasicString True if T is a BasicString or implicitly converts to one, otherwise false.


BasicString BasicString!(_Char,N,_Allocator) Alias to BasicString with different order of template parameters
DefaultAllocator std.experimental.allocator.mallocator.Mallocator Default allcoator for BasicString.
FixedString BasicString!(Char,N,void) Alias to BasicString with void allcoator (fixed capacity to N characters).
Forward Forward Type used in forward constructors.
LargeString BasicString!(Char,0,_Allocator) Alias to BasicString without small string optimization (N == 0).
SmallString BasicString!(Char,max(N,1),_Allocator) Alias to BasicString with forced small string optimization fot min N characters.
String BasicString!(char,1L,std.experimental.allocator.mallocator.Mallocator) Standard string type (alias to BasicString!char).